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GameMax GM600 600W

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GameMax GM600 600W

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Power (W)600
Form factorATX
80 PLUS certificateBronze
Cooling system1 fan
Fan diameter (mm)140
ATX12V Version2.3
The type of connector to the motherboard24 pin
The number of connectors 4-pin CPU1.0
Number of slots +4 4 pin CPU1.0
Number of slots +2 6-pin PCI-E2.0
The number of 4-pin IDE connector2.0
The number of 15-pin SATA connectors5.0
Detachable cables
Overvoltage protection
Overload protection
Short-circuit protection
Current on line + 3.3 v (a)18 <
Current on line in +5 (a)18 <
Current on line +12 in 1 (a)20
Current on line in -12 (a)0.5
Current on line in +5 (a)2.5
Width (mm)150
Height (mm)86
Depth (mm)160
Maximum noise level (DBA)20



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