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Any Questions (FAQ)

  • How to get a discount?
  • You can get a discount only if before placing your order: you sign up to our website and sign in your account. From your account you will see the prices for a registered user (with discount). From now on you can each time send your orders from your account in order to receive goods with a minimum markup.
  • When and where can I receive my order?
  • If you place your order before 02:00  PM and our managers confirm its availability and integrity by phone, you can pick it up on the same day from 05:30 PM to 07:00 PM from our shop on 29/1 Muncesti str., 1st floor. If you place the order after 14:00 PM, our managers will let you know over the phone when exactly you can get your order, on the same or next day.
  • How can I find you?
  • On our site there is a visual location map. It can be found in the "Contacts" menu. Reference points: from the Chisinau Railway Station, on the side of the Muncesti street You need to walk about 500 meters and on your left You will see a building "Transservice - M".  We are located on the first floor.
  • Do you have a delivery service?
  • We have a delivery service in Chisinau. The courier service delivery in 24 hours cost is 50 lei in Chisinau. The courier service delivery in 36 hours cost is 100 lei within the Republic of Moldova.
  • I'm not from Chisinau, how can I buy from you?
  • Our office is located only in Chisinau. Therefore, the buyer needs to take care himself to pick up the ordered goods from our store in Chisinau. We ask in such cases to notify us about when exactly You want to pick up the ordered item from our store. Or pay the courier service to the Republic of Moldova. Shipping costs within the country 100 lei.
  • Can I pick up the order on another day?
  • You can. Indicate in the "Message" field when and at what time you want to come.
  • How to cancel an order?
  • You are kindly requested to immediately call to our store and cancel the order over the phone number 022-207-287 or 079-207-287. If this is outside the office hours, please write to us by e-mail:!
  • I need to urgently buy a product, can I come myself to the warehouse?
  • No! In wholesale warehouses, retail sale is not conducted. The goods can be bought only in our store, where you can also obtain the corresponding documents for the purchased goods.
  • How to find out about the actual availability of the goods?
  • The availability of the goods on the website is updated every day! This means that most of the goods on the website are in stock in our warehouse. So, just send your order from the website and our managers will call you in the shortest time and inform about the actual availability of the goods. Then you can decide what and when to buy!
  • Can I order a product which is not on the website?
  • You can "order" only what is on our website and indicated: "in stock". Otherwise, you need to wait until the next receipt of goods or clarify with our managers the approximate time of receipt. Usually the new products are displayed in "New Products" for 14 days.
  • How much is (was) a product which is now "out of stock"?
  • We do not know the price of currently unavailable products. If such a product appears in the future on our website, then its current price will also be known. Then you will certainly see it on the website next to your necessary product.
  • What is the product code and where it can be seen?
  • The product code - is a number of 5 - 6 digits assigned to each product on the website. It lies above the price, and highlighted in color. If you call us with respect to any product on the website, we will be grateful if you let our manager know this code.
  • Can you prepare several models in the store, so I can chose on site the necessary one?
  • Such a service is not available in Internet shops, including ours. If You need to see the product in reality and choose, we recommend You to go to a retail shop in the city, where the goods are presented in the window and where You can personally see it and consider it in detail. After having selected Your product, You can order it on our website, do not doubt that our price for it will be more interesting.
  • Is it possible to return or exchange the purchased product, I made a mistake and bought not what I needed?
  • If the product is not defective and runs according to its characteristics, such product is not subject to return and exchange, even the next day in accordance with Annex № 2 to the Government Decision No. 1465 of December 8, 2003, paragraph 12: «Technically complex household products, for which a guaranty period is established (electrical machinery and appliances, electronic equipment, home computational and copying equipment, photo and video equipment, telephones (stationary and mobile) and facsimile equipment, electronic musical instruments, household gas appliances and devices)». So before you order from us, gather all the necessary information on it, and make sure the order is exactly what you need.
  • I bought a product, but it does not look like on your website.
  • This sometimes happens because the manufacturer reserves the right to make improvements in the design, characteristics or color of the products. If the appearance, specifications and design of the product is important to You, check the data on the official website of the manufacturer and check the information about the product with our managers.
  • Do you sell on credit?
  • Yes. To learn about the credit conditions and interest rates, you just need to click on "Buy on credit" on our website next to the product You need. In the new window, "Application for financing", will be presented all the necessary information and provided a contact phone number for more crediting information or certificates. After filling out the financing questionnaire just click on "Send application" and in the near future the crediting department, then our sales department will call you back.
  • Do you accept Dollars ($) Euro (€)?
  • Payments are carried out only in MDL. If you have another currency, please change it in advance in a currency exchange point, so that You can pay us for the goods in MDL.
  • When buying a laptop or computer do you install the operating system?
  • We install only the licensed operating system. For this you can order and purchase it also on our website, and then we will install it on your device for an additional fee according to the pricelist.
  • Do you do repairs?
  • We have a full warranty service for the products purchased from our store. If the warranty has expired: Call us an ask! If we will not be able to do the repairs, we will help you by letting  you know who and where can do it the best and at affordable prices!
  • Do you work by transfer?
  • Of course. With pleasure! To receive an invoice for payment, you need to send the order of the needed product from our website, indicating that the product is acquired by a "legal entity" and fill out the form with the details of Your company. When you pay for goods by invoice, let us immediately know the number and date of the paid invoice, so that the necessary product was brought from the warehouse in our store and the necessary documents were prepared for You.