Return and exchange policy

   Everything here is in accordance with Law No. 105 of March 13, 2003 of our country and without fuss or unnecessary nerves!

Exchange or return is carried out in Moldova. Our store is located in Chisinau, str. Muncesti 29/1, office 105, Mon-Fri: 10:00 - 18:00. And we are always in touch: Mobile, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp: +373-79-207-287.

If you paid for an online order, and the product is not in our warehouses, the product is defective, or our description/characteristics are not correct and you discover this upon receipt of the order, then we will immediately return your money to you, of course, if a similar product does not suit you or you have there is no time to wait for it to arrive in the future.

   What will you need to do to return or exchange purchased goods? Just three simple steps:
1. Bring purchased goods to our store that have not been unpacked (labels and seals are in place).
The presentation of the packaging has been preserved, the set is complete, the consumer properties are new.
2. Take the saved fiscal receipt and a document proving your identity (passport, bulletin).
3. Make sure that no more than 14 days have passed from the date of purchase and your product can be exchanged or returned to the seller, according to the list of non-food products of good quality under Law No. 105 of March 13, 2003 on the protection of consumer rights. We can see the full list below.

   LIST of non-food products of good quality that cannot be exchanged for a similar product:
1. Jewelry (products made of precious metals with precious stones, made of precious metals with inserts of semi-precious and synthetic stones, cut precious stones).
2. Sewing and knitwear (underwear, bed linen, hosiery).
3. Personal hygiene items (toothbrushes, combs, hairpins, hair curlers, tweezers, razors, electric shavers and other similar personal hygiene products).
4. Perfume and cosmetic products.
5. Textile goods (cotton, linen, wool, silk and synthetic fabrics, ribbons, braid, etc.).
6. Cable products (wires, cables, cords).
7. Construction and finishing materials and other goods sold by the meter (linoleum, film, carpeting, etc.).
8. Products and materials in contact with food, made of polymeric materials, including disposable ones (tableware and kitchen utensils, packaging materials, containers for storing and transporting food products (canisters, cans, bottles, barrels).
9. Household chemicals, pesticides and agrochemicals.
10. Household furniture (furniture sets and sets).
11. Cars and motorbikes, trailers and units for them, mobile means of small-scale mechanization of agricultural work, pleasure craft and other watercraft for household purposes.
12. Technically complex household goods for which warranty periods are established (electrical machines and devices, radio-electronic equipment, household computing and copying equipment, photographic and film equipment, telephones (landline and mobile) and fax equipment, electric musical instruments, household gas equipment and devices).
13. Goods for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases at home (sanitary and hygiene items made of metal, rubber, textiles and other materials, medical instruments, devices and equipment, oral hygiene products, spectacle lenses, child care items, medications ).
14. Toys.

PS If something in the law has changed, been updated, or been canceled and we are not yet aware of it, then together we will look here: