Warranty conditions

General information

  • The seller guarantees that at the time of the initial sale the product  has a complete delivery set from the provider and has no defects in material, design and workmanship and the guarantee conditions correspond to the decision of the Government No. 1465 of December 8, 2003.
  • The purchased products are not subject to return and exchange in accordance with Annex № 2 to the Government Decision No. 1465 of December 8, 2003, paragraph 12: «Technically complex household products, for which a guaranty period is established (electrical machinery and appliances, electronic equipment, home computational and copying equipment, photo and video equipment, telephones (stationary and mobile) and facsimile equipment, electronic musical instruments, household gas appliances and devices)».
  • The seller establishes the warranty period (given in months next to each product) declared by the provider or manufacturer, calculated starting with the transfer of the product to the buyer. For certain products, like separate elements of different sets, garnitures, there is set a own warranty period (accumulators 6 months, cartridges 1 month, etc.).
  • During the warranty period the buyer has the right to free warranty service upon detection of defects in the product if the fault occurred in correct operation  conditions and not through the fault of the buyer.
  • The warranty service is carried out only in the presence of the filled in (firm stamp of the seller and customer's signature) firm guarantee card for the device, its complete package (factory packaging, wires, plastic bags, manuals, and other accessories), and clean.
  • The term of the warranty repair can range from 3 to 14 working days after detection or occurrence of the defect at a master and in the presence of spare parts in the service center of the provider in Moldova.
  • For the duration of the warranty service or repair - the replacement of the product is not provided!
  • The buyer, by signing, confirms the acceptance of the warranty conditions, the familiarization with the conditions use of the device, the absence of claims on the build quality, integrity of the device or equipment at the time of receipt from the seller.

This warranty does not cover:

  • expendable materials supplied and used with the product (wires, disks, cartridges, batteries, adapters, batteries, ink, toner, fastening, etc.).
  • information stored on data carriers and storage devices (CD, DVD, HDD, SSD, SSHD, FlashCards, Flash Drives, BIOS, etc.).
  • documents and instructions to the equipment.
  • all input and output ports of the product  (socket: LGA, PCI, PCIex, SATA, IDE, AGP, DDR, DIMM, COM, LPT, USB, PS2, Audio, 1394, Coaxial, LAN, E-SATA, HDMI, DP, VGA, DVI, Optical, etc.).
  • manufacturer’s allowed number of non-working [broken] pixels on TFT, LCD, LED, IPS, Plasma of the mattress or panels according to the standard ISO 13406-2.

The right for warranty service is lost in the cases:

  • ripped off, damaged or missing warranty [protective] seals and factory [of the manufacturer, supplier] labels [stickers].
  • if it is impossible to identify or there are no elements necessary for the product identification specified on the label, packaging,  and the serial number applied on product, etc.
  • if the defects in the goods occurred due to consumer’s failure to observe the instructions on handling, installing, using, or the rules of transportation, storage, referred to in the documentation accompanying the products (wear, cracks, chips, bends, clogged or modified cooling system, overheating marks, foreign objects or insects, corrosion or liquid).
  • if the product defects are caused by direct or indirect action of mechanical forces, chemical, thermal or physical impact, as well as radiation.
  • if product defects are caused by an unstoppable force, force majeure, etc.
  • if the repair or modification of the product were carried out without the seller or a certified specialist.
  • if the product defect is caused by the action of computer viruses, network attacks, clients torrent, etc.
  • if the product defects are caused as a result of its storage or operation in temperature conditions or humidity levels other than those specified by the manufacturer in the accompanying documents.
  • upon increase or decrease of the voltage in the power supply network, or in the absence or improperly connected grounding in the power supply network.